About Us

“When you win, you don’t get carried away. But if you go step by step with confidence you can go far”

Diego Maradona

Our Vision

On The Laces was originally created in 2013 by a group of young football fanatics. Whether you called it soccer or fútbol did not matter for our purposes. Producing thought provoking soccer articles and news was most important. Since then, the game’s commercial and cultural impact has continued to skyrocket. With it, the number of fantastic independent soccer blogs has also grown.

Today we hope On The Laces can be the fútbol website you entrust for quality analysis and journalism. We don’t accept mishits or weak attempts when publishing news for fans to read. True to name, we hope that each article is well thought out and executed like a shot On The Laces.

Soccer & Intersectionality

Sports are political, soccer is no exception

In todays society, it would be disingenuous to promote soccer “as just a game”. It is easy to focus on the top professional clubs across Europe or North America and forget how the game impacts individuals on a local level. Soccer fans are of all backgrounds and orientations, therefore its coverage needs to reflect the diversity within the game. Our goal is also to report the overlapping factors that affects soccer’s current events. On The Lace’s stories will use intersectionality lenses to discuss how the business of soccer has harmed society.

Fútbol will always remain the Beautiful Game to us the fans. However, the games leadership is also responsible for muddying its image. For example, unequal pay for the USWNT reflects the current empirical pay gap of todays American society, where women 25-34 earn 89 cents for every dollar a man of the same age earned. As well, human rights violations should not be a means to stadium construction for international tournaments or commercial profit. Racism has no place in the game but for all the banners visible, youth to professional players still experience racial prejudices during play.

The beautiful game belongs to everyone, not just the privileged. Therefore, On The Laces respects inclusivity in our football journalism.
#BlackLivesMatter #TransRightsareHumanRights #EverybodysGame