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Hello world!

So close but no cigar, runners up StarFinder Foundation MS Boys 2018.

When I started this blog I had lofty goals. For many Americans, priorities were reevaluated and patterns altered to deal with this health pandemic. There is a certain fire inside each individual and do not let the toxic political leaders of today ruin any of your aspirations. For your entertainment. what follows is my description of what goals I have for this website along with a personal narrative. Please forgive the creative liberties! More empirical fútbol journalism to follow! Thank you for your time!


The biggest impression from my youth is futbol. Since a young age soccer has been fascinating & important in our household. I remember my father playing Saturday league & crushing cold ones. I grew up adoring Liga MX & Pumas UNAM. Everyday, I wish I could be a pro footballer but alas it didn’t happen. However, working with youth & making noticeable differences in their self esteem through mentoring & sporting programming is my creative bright spot. Through my journey I’ve had kids thank me for their sporting progress & I beam with pride.

Nevertheless, the creative juice still has more yield. I won’t lie, I have more free time, I can’t physically host students safely.

This is why I’m choosing to REVIVE my writing desires. Soccer journalism was a bright spot for me during the dark days of undergrad. Writing for soccer blogs alongside near age peers was vital at a time when I desperately needed a hobby not involving alcohol.

Part of this revival is hopefully starting up On The Laces. A blog which I enjoyed writing for the most & has powerful brand potential. I still have access to manage the FB profile. Working on collecting the Twitter handle. Lastly, we’ll use WordPress to design & host.

Now, we’ve all heard it before “millennial begins start up…{etc}”. Fight Club taught me I’m nothing special, but I promise to try & make this blog worth your time & support.

South Philly Tuzos Summer Invitationals.

Moreover, our niche is intersectional analysis of tactical & personal trends in EPL & European club football. Grassroots work is important to me & a source on institutional change, so we will try special forms of reporting to share the positive work soccer can contribute to a community.

I will approach this slowly before I bite into too much, if you love Fantasy EPL we will explore important game strategy. There is so much commercial interest in SPORTS fantasy & gambling it cannot be ignored. Therefore, with good ethics in mind we will explore some ways Fantasy Futbol can be another medium to enjoy the global game.

In an ideal world, I can help cover the minimal overhead with AdSense or maybe even sponsors or a subscription based type of platform.

If you believe you are no longer a student of the game then yes you will miss important chances & moments during the run of play. I have several more things to figure out in my life. However, I can see this sort of plan clicking into place in my dreams night & day.

Lastly, I would like for you to walk away with this. Following your hearts desire is a scary & ludicrous thought in times like these. However, if you shut down your voice, like I have done for a few years now you lose your power. I have put my creative brush down for too long. In truth, I will make mistakes with starting up this venture. Yet I have faith this project could be the start of solving my needs not only on the internet but in real life.

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